About time…..

Welcome to Biophilic Projects. A personal website to showcase some of my work as an independent Biophilic Design Consultant.

As the first blog post, it may be worth explaining how this all came about…..

I first came across the term ‘biophilia’ in 2010, during a presentation by  Mary Conroy on her project ‘Wildroutes‘, where the concept of ‘biophilia’, it’s history and benefits  to urban inhabitants were outlined. Specifically how it could re-connect people to nature and lead to higher levels of environmental stewardship.

From that point onward, I began researching biophilic design in my spare time and incorporating it into my projects and studies of Landscape Architecture at Senior College Dun Laoghaire (BFEI) and the University of Gloucestershire.  I started writing about the subject for the Landscape Architects Network, and even got to interview Timothy Beatley of the Biophilic Cities Project and the late Stephen Kellert, author of Birthright.

During the Summer/Fall of 2013, I worked as a Biophilia Intern at Terrapin Bright Green, researching numerous research papers and preparing case studies on biophilic design, while working under Bill Browning and Catie Ryan, experts on the subject of biophilia. Through this internship, I co-authored Terrapin Bright Green’s 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design, which “articulates the relationships between nature, human biology and the design of the built environment so that we may experience the human benefits of biophilia in our design applications”.

Following my time at Terrapin, I carried on in my career as a landscape architect, incorporating the ethic of biophilic design into my work.

Outside of my primary employment, I have continued writing articles, speaking publicly, developing educational materials and delivering design workshops on the subject of biophilia.

Past clients have included Cuerden Valley Park Wildlife Trust/Living Building Challenge UK Collaborative, Green Plants for Green Buildings and W2W.  I have also spoken at events organised by CIBSE and ARCC/UKCIP.

My overall goal is to educate and make people aware about the benefits and importance of establishing a connection to nature within designed built environments.



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